What is this Blog about?
As a professional actor, television host and model I’ve accumulated an online following of over 350k subscribers across my social channels. And so this personal blog was created as a go-to hub for sharing my beauty and lifestyle interests and as a way of re-engaging my audience, outside of my professional space.

What gear do you use?

For beauty tutorials I use a Sony A7s. For Vlogging I use a Canon M50 and for Instagram I use an iPhone X.

What’s your nationality?

I was born and raised in ‘The Shire’ Sydney, Australia. I’m Aussie however my mother is Filipina and my father is Australian which makes me Eurasian.

What else do you do?
I’m also a co-owner of Joker Theory Films, a video production company based in Darlinghurst. Gear includes an Arri Alexa Mini, a range of prime lenses and the latest Phantom High Speed Camera.




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